Originally founded 1999 in San Francisco, CA; HaA Design ventured to Boston, MA and has continued to work closely with product developers in Seoul and Taipei, creating a unique network of industry connections and collaboration of strengths that can be custom tailored to each client.

HaA Design is a full-service Medical ISO-13485 certified design and product development company. We provide an extensive range of services including product management, research, design, engineering and manufacturing. We are a multiple award winning company with hundreds of associated patents. We have worked with fortune 100 companies such as Home Depot, Hewlett-Packard, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, CVS, Dell Computer, Motorola, and Intel. We have also worked with international companies such as Samsung, LG, iRiver, and Hyundai.

Our team is comprised of engineers, industrial designers, and researchers who have the knowledge and expertise to make your product or service a success. We promote fresh and creative thinking in everything we do.

Great product solutions and experiences start with a deep understanding of our end users’ needs. Using a proven process, we clarify goals to drive responsive, efficient and innovative results for globally recognized brands and start-ups alike.

From the start, we work with you to clarify goals and objectives. Our mission is to help expand your business, provide true innovation and offer cost–effective solutions.


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Over the years, HaA has developed strong relationships with some special companies.  Full Spectrum Software, specializing in medical software development. New Grange Design are experts in the electrical engineering field.  Twig+Fish are experts in research and strategy practice and LTK Technologies provides top-notch Website & Mobile application development services.

As strategic partners, we carry out integrated programs in order to develop powerfully engineered solutions throughout the different areas of the product design field.

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