Acumobility is a sports rehabilitation center started by Dr. Brad Cox. Brad is a holistic practitioner who heals people with nutrition, lifestyle changes and proper tissue work. He created Acumobility as an information based company that also sells tools to use along with his techniques.

Brad came to HaA to develop the right tools/products to go hand in hand with their unique system of sport specific assessment and corrective programs. Through copious amounts of studies and tests, HaA identified the correct methods and materials to drastically improve your body’s performance.

The Acumobility ball is an All-in-One tool for mobility and stability exercises as well as recovery enhancement. There are two levels to this remarkable exercise ball. The Level 1 Ball (orange) is the go-to ball for trigger point release and stability exercises and is firm enough for most deep pressure release. The Level 2 Ball (blue) is significantly firmer. It is an extra deep pressure trigger point tool designed for active release exercises, self massage and can be used by a practitioner.

The benefits of the Acumobility ball include improved muscle elasticity and length, increased range of motion and length, increases circulation and oxygen transportation to the muscle, when coupled with Active mobilization exercises it helps to re-pattern faulty movement patterns to improve athletic performance, helps reduce muscle soreness and restriction for better recovery as well as trigger point and myofascial release.

Acumobilty products are changing the way we move with high quality material, proven techniques, and influential results.

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