Acumobility is a sports rehabilitation center started by Dr. Brad Cox. Brad is a holistic practitioner who heals people with nutrition, lifestyle changes and proper tissue work. He created Acumobility as an information based company that also sells tools to use along with his techniques.

Brad came to HaA to develop the right tools/products to go hand in hand with their unique system of sport specific assessment and corrective programs. Through copious amounts of studies and tests, HaA identified the correct methods and materials to drastically improve your body’s performance.

Dr. Sonia Pasquale, co-founder of Acumobility, wanted to create something that would support spinal mobility and extension at home. This amazing design provides unparalleled results. The Ultimate Roller is designed to be used by everyone. Whether you are a yogi looking for the next generation yoga wheel; a runner; a mom/dad with back pain; an elite cross fitter or powerlifter; or just someone looking to support healthy spinal motion – this is the product for you.

When you roll your back on a basic flat roller, you are jamming the spinal segments and restricting motion as you roll- the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Our revolutionary design was created to support natural spinal movement and enhance overall mobility. The Spine Gap allows you to target the para-spinal muscles on either side of the spine and not jam the spine as you roll. Our patented staggered bump pattern allows you to feel deep pressure in the muscles on either side of the spine. The bumps help to release knots and trigger points as well as enhance lymphatic drainage as you roll and are set very high, so they can dig deeply into your muscles. While The Ultimate Back Roller was specifically made to be the best back roller on the market, it also works amazingly well all over the rest of the body. From your neck, to arms, to laterals, to glutes, to legs. This roller is built from the highest quality molded foam in the world holding 1000lbs and with its uniquely designed height and width you won’t tip over while rolling.

Acumobility products are changing the way we move with high quality material, proven techniques, and influential results.

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