Insulet was about to change the industry with a revolutionary insulin management system. HaA helped that revolution become a reality.

The OmniPod is the first tubing-free insulin pumping system. It is discreet, durable, wireless, watertight and incredibly easy to use. The Pod holds and delivers insulin. The OmniPod is unique with ability to be adhered almost anywhere on your body. It is simple to use, robust and safe. The PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) wirelessly programs, personalizes insulin delivery, calculates suggested doses, and has a convenient, built-in blood glucose meter. (To read more – As a company, Insulet invested substantial money defining the overall look and feel of their product. The did a great job with the UI/UX. The next step was to engineer and manufacture a cost effective high volume disposable product (the POD) and a relatively low volume electronic device using the same design/development controls. Our experience and numerous personal connections expedited this process.

Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) As individual contributors and as a Team, we were tasked with the engineering, DFM, FMEA, Environmental Testing Specifications, Full Documentation Package (CAD drawings) and initial Manufacturing Fixturing and Manufacturing processes. We also supported the documentation for UL and CE submissions. The aggressive schedule required engineering CAD to be completed in 10 weeks and have a full function unit within 5 months. This was successfully completed! In summary, the PDM was engineered from a concept drawing to a fully functioning manufacturable design within one year. (Of course, the manufacturing line and testing/certifications took equally as long to complete)

Addition tasks and successes Introduction of the 2 shot molding process for the electrical Chassis of the OmniPod. (MGS acted as initial engineering consultants) Engineered the OmniPod outer shell taking into consideration the many internal parts, built-in insulin reservoir, angled infusion set, automated inserter, pumping mechanism and power supply etc. This also included defining how development

Work was performed by Steven Lepke while at Insulet with HaA supporting the work required to meet schedule.

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