iRobot is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of practical robots in the military and consumer fields. Today, robots are revolutionizing households by integrating advanced technologies to facilitate cleaning.

iRobot engaged HaA to identify features that will define the next generation of robot vacuum cleaners. To get there HaA conducted heuristic evaluations and research methods to understand the user experience. Four personas were developed as a result, identifying the potential user for the next generation product. Competitor analysis and in-depth desktop research assessed the competitive marketplace and allowed HaA to identify the product opportunity space. Product positioning was created to differentiate their product from competitors while simultaneously affirming the iRobot brand.

The project resulted in a holistic foundation to the development of the user interface, taking into consideration the needs and expectations of the previously identified user persona groups.



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light Design Research, Heuristic Evaluations, Product Strategy, Competitor Product Analysis, Persona Studies