In 1995 GS Home Shopping Network (GSHS) was the first ever television-based home shopping network. GSHS introduced a cutting-edge distribution channel that integrated broadcasting with retail. They were also the first to computerize sales systems, enabling real-time monitoring of customer response which then raised the quality of product selection and program. Today, GSHS has been expanded to include China, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Klöken is part of the GS Home Shopping Network. They needed and wanted a quality brand with a European flair that was designed for the Korean market. This design endeavor was one part of a multiple product branding effort  in the categories of water purification, cooking, and food storage.

Klöken is a 100% air-tight food container focusing primarily on the Asian food culture. In response to glass construction, we chose to employ Tritan™ for its higher visual clarity, durability, and lower weight properties. Another benefit of Tritan™ is that it is manufactured without bisphenol-A (BPA). Tritan™ is also both heat and chemical resistant. This is especially important in cultures that eat and preserve items such as kimchi daily. From a use and aesthetic perspective, “preservation meets presentation” was our driving goal. Klöken attempts to bridge the gap of serving and storing by addressing both worlds at once.



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