KT (Korea Telecom) is the leader of information and communications in South Korea. KT has brought together the best qualities of service with technologies and merged mobile, voice and data into a single field. With this single structure, KT helped Korea earn the title of ‘Tech Capital of the World’. KT has many products and services and sells them globally under different brands.

After completing KT’s design guidelines, HaA was tasked in designing a new user-friendly set-top box with very tight cost constraints. It needed to be easy to install , easy to see the channel numbers and easily hidden if necessary. The main focuses were size and cable management.

After a series of in-home interviews, HaA determined that there was limited space near TVs in Korean living rooms and it would be very beneficial to have a low-profile unit that would fit under the TV’s lower front edge. The lower profile also aided with installing the set-top box behind TVs when using a wall mount system. Customers were also concerned about the expense of longer length cables. Therefore, a single all-in-one cable (approximately 1.5 m) would be run from the set-top box to a mini I/O box. This eliminated the need for numerous longer cables and the unsightliness of the disorganized cables coming from the set-top box.  This design was well received from both KT and its customers.


Project Details


person Consumer

folder Korea Telecom

light Design Strategy, Trend Research, Stakeholder Interviews, Industrial Design, CMF, 3-D CAD, initial DFM, Design Segmentation, Icon Creation