The bimodal tram, which has the appearance of two buses linked together, is built with light-weight composite materials and a low-floor articulation allowing easy access for young children, elderly, and the disabled. Utilizing a CNG hybrid system the bus steers automatically and has the option of manual steering when necessary. In addition to being easy to operate, the CNG hybrid system eases some of the social problems – less noise and air pollution in the city. The bimodal tram was honored at the International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012 for its use of green technologies and alternative fuels to prevent global warming.

MOLIT – Ministry of Land, Transport And Maritime Affairs is a cabinet level division of the government of South Korea. It manages all forms of public transportation including Land, Sea and Rail. With Seoul growing from 8 to 25 million witnin the last 20 years. South Korea has been very focused on expanding their public transportation systems. Many public transit stops board over 100,000 people per day. With street traffic beyond its limits, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs began exploring alternative methods of transportation that would not only improve, but optimize public transportation.

HaA was tasked with the industrial design and the overall UX. Our focus was an aerodynamic industrial design and the efficiency of the entering and existing of passengers.

The HaA Taiwan team joined this multifaceted project to develop the exterior and interior designs.



Project Details


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folder Korea Railroad Research Institute

light Industrial Design, 3-D CAD of all interior and exterior components, Passenger Flow Studies, Glass and Headlight Engineering, UI of Driver Compartment.