Helping a medical device company break into the sports medicine market.

NormaTec the manufacturer of a therapeutic peristatic pump realized that it was missing out on an important potential market for it’s pneumatic pump. The pump provides dynamic compression to limbs compromised by poor circulation. It as being prescribed to patients suffering from limb inflammation as a result of surgery or health issues such as diabetes.

NormaTec’s management team realized that with some minor tweaking the device could be redesigned for professional and dedicated amateur athletes who wanted to dramatically improve their recovery rates from injury and training fatigue.

By re-engineering the pumps internal components NormaTec was able to dramatically reduce thte size of the pump. The design team led by Dominic Jones redesigned the user interface for both a dedicated amateur device and a professional device (the MVP). Both designs dramatically improved the usability of the pumps. The visual hierarchy of the inputs was redesigned. Feedback information that helped athletes understand the pump cycles was communicated by a series of flashing LED lights.

In order to differentiate the sports pumps from medical devices the line was rebranded as NormaTec Sports. The overhauled look needed to communicate the energy of top level sports and the technical sophistication of technology. By using crisp, angular and slanted graphics, the new look communicated both high-energy and technological sophistication.

The new MVP line of NormaTec pumps are being quickly adopted by dedicated and professional athletes around the world.

Project Details


person Sports Medicine

folder NormaTec

light Industrial Design, Engineering, UI/UX & Branding