Mike Harakal, inventor of PawPail, came to HaA to alleviate a problem in his community regarding the control of everyday pet waste. Many community living neighborhoods, like his, require home owners to keep their pet’s waste in their garage until the weekly garbage truck arrives. This is not ideal as the smell can easily build up over time and attract other animals.

HaA worked with Mike to turn his ideas for a pet waste management station into a convenient system that is multi-functional and affordable.

PawPail is a revolutionary container designed to supply you with custom odor fresh bags, discreetly house your dog’s waste in a convenient area and keep your environment clean. When your dog goes to the bathroom, simply open the top lid of PawPail, pull out a scented bag to pick up the waste, open up the main lid where you will find a perforated basket to pop the waste inside. Pawprint perforations are located on each side of the PawPail to properly ventilate your pail to prevent odor build up over time.

PawPail was designed to be mounted outside and on your property to provide you with a convenient pet waste cleaning experience.


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