Perma Pure is a leading manufacturer of gas conditioning products.

When Perma Pure asked HaA to take on the design and development of the O2asis, they knew there would be challenges ahead. These would include the testing involved with a respiratory device involving rigorous biocompatibility and safety analysis. Other factors to assess was the design and manufacture of a device with electronics, heat, oxygen and a water reservoir.

The O2asis Humidifier is a safe prescription device intended to add warmth and humidity to breathing gases for administration to a patient and is for use with oxygen concentrators or gas sources in homecare, hospital, extended care facilities, and hospice environments. The O2asis Humidifier is a non-sterile device intended for patients who require humidification of supplemental breathing gases between 0.5 and 6 lpm and is for single patient use, although it may be used by multiple patients. This is the case if the consumable water well cartridge is replaced prior to transfer of the device to a new patient.

This palm sized device provides comfort when used with home oxygen, while humidifying & delivering warmed air through the cannula. Users can carry the device or place it alongside them when plugged in at home or revive hours of humidification on-the-go. The O2asis provides so much more humidification than a bubbler without the associated drawbacks.

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person Medical

folder Perma Pure

light Industrial Design, Engineering, Branding, FDA Submission & Manufacturing Support