First Act is a leading musical instrument manufacturer based in Boston. They create musical products, instruments and accessories that inspire and educate people of all ages through musical play.

PowerGig: Rise of the SixString guitar changed the way children, and even adults experience music. PowerGig is a guitar based video game where players strum the guitar according to the notes dictated by the game. Beyond that, Powergig can operate as a stand-alone guitar for personal practice.

HaA aided First Act in the development of the product, making its appearance resemble an electric guitar by adding strings instead of buttons and by designing the electrical connections to the frets. HaA tested various foam types to create the string dampener that suppressed sound when playing in video game mode. Mechanical engineering was provided to create the dampening push mechanism for the strings. Strings allow players to truly learn the instrument and not just the game.

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person Consumer

folder First Act

light Mechanical Engineering & System Testing, Introduction to Manufacturing