Radiadyne works closely with HaA to develop advanced medical devices, including life changing transformation in Dosimetry Monitoring. After eight years and millions of dollars invested in research and development, OARtrac is the first of its kind radiation dose monitoring platform providing gold standard accuracy without correction factors, real-time pinpoint measurement, and dedicated intracavitary delivery devices to measure where it counts.

The OARtrac monitors multiple cancer treatment modalities within the same treatment center, as well as reduces overall treatment costs related to routine patient dose monitoring through a reusable dosimeter. The OARtrac system provides dose data for the radiation oncologist to decipher and use to adjust a patient’s treatment plan accordingly, therefore providing true adaptive radiotherapy for personalized cancer treatment.

Eric Hyman, HaA’s VP of Engineering, was heavily involved with the overall product development, engineering and manufacturing process of the OARtrac, receiving a 2018 MedTech Engineering Breakthrough Award.

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