Radiospire set out to develop wireless technology at a time when no other consumer electronics company was exploring it. They established the Airhook TM chip-set technology that would allow the wireless transmission of uncompressed audio and video signals. To innovate this new technology, Radiospire needed to create its first-ever HDMI Wireless Transmitter. That’s when HaA was called in to develop the entire system from the inside out.

Utilizing its global capabilities, HaA Boston collaborated with the HaA Korea team to provide the industrial design of the system while the Boston team engineered the device and guided Radiospire through the manufacturing process.

The product was later licensed by Philips Electronics and Best Buy. In the end, Radiospire had a product that revolutionized consumer electronics and home entertainment.


Project Details


person Consumer

folder Radiospire

light Industrial Design, Engineering, Tooling and Manufacturing Support