Safety 1st partnered with HaA to design a range of hassle-free products guaranteed to support a baby’s development at every stage while make exploring safe and fun. Designed with parents in mind, these solutions ensure enhanced child safety.

Comfort Check Digital Pacifier takes a fast, accurate reading in 90 seconds. Featuring a comforting, orthodontic nipple, a large, digital display, a beep signaling when the maximum temperature is reached and provides memory recall to keep track of previous temperature readings. The automatic shut-off function ensures battery power is saved and a protective, clear storage cover to keep the thermometer clean and protected while not in use. Pairs with the pacifier medicine dispenser.

3 Second Ear Thermometer offers a fast, accurate reading, featuring an easy to read back-lit display with an auto-shut off to conserve battery. Beep signals when the temperature is recorded and is equipped with memory recall to display the last recorded temperature and also alerts you with ten beeps when it senses heightened temperature or fever. No probe covers are needed and the unit is easily cleaned. A protective cap ensures that it performs when you need it. It comes with a long-life lithium battery for continuous performance.

Gentle Rectal Read Thermometer is over 7 times faster than conventional thermometers. Features over insertion guard design, flexible tip for added comfort, memory recall of last reading and beeps signaling measurement is complete.

10 Second Thermometer quickly measures rectal, oral and underarm temperature with it’s easy to read digital display. Features soft flexible tip for comfort, memory recall with automatic storage of last temperature, beeping signal alerts you and indicates ‘ready’ & ‘completed’ as well as an automatic switch-off conserves battery life, automatic self-test ensures measurement accuracy and low battery indicator.

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