Samsung Electronics has been leading the global market in high tech electronics manufacturing and digital media production for over three decades. Today, Samsung’s largest product line includes tablets, mobile phones and proprietary mobile applications. The Samsung Readers Hub is an e-reading application that provides fast access to a vast digital library–from classical literature to the latest  bestsellers. Readers Hub is designed to be a one stop for books written by international authors. It allows users to easily download and read content right away from any of their Samsung smart devices.

In an effort to enhance their global bookstore service, Samsung collaborated with the HaA team to develop the Readers Hub. With Readers Hub, users are able to read, rent and purchase books and magazines from any of their mobile devices. HaA’s task was to redesign the entire visual user interface for the smartphone and tablet from scratch, bringing a new kind of shopping and reading experience. Both smartphone and tablet versions have consistent and seamless design language to complement Samsung’s current brand identity.



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light User Interface Design, Iconography, App Development