Taiwan-based Wistron is one of the largest design manufacturers in the world, specializing in information and communication technology products. Although you may not be as familiar with the Wistron brand, they manufacture 1 in 7 computers sold globally. The company produces a wide variety of products that are sold to international clients, who introduce them to the market under their own brand names.

On a quest for their latest product, Wistron collaborated with HaA to develop a brand that would sell in the competitive Chinese market. HaA carried out an ethnographic research program in the major metropolitan areas of China and as a result, the all-in-one desktop concept was born.

The Wistron all-in-one PC concept was designed to appeal to three different market segments and to emphasize its powerful hardware capabilities. In turn, our team created three different designs for the all-in-one PC product strategy.  As part of the visual strategy our designers wanted to create an aesthetic that was simple, solid and structural. HaA also incorporated subtle Chinese accents in response to the insights from our ethnographic research campaign. The Wistron all-in-one PC key features include  24″ display monitor, upgradable component access and user programmed PUI.



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